An Awkward Moment

by Allie on July 17, 2010

Red eye flights. All night bus rides. Overnight ferry trips. Travel long enough (especially on a backpacker budget) and an overnight trip is virtually guaranteed. We try to avoid them because neither of us sleep well and we’re wrecked for a day or two afterward. It’s jet lag all over again. Ugh. The only way […]


We are sitting in a cafe in Mykonos, sipping overpriced cafe drinks for the “free” wi-fi, and passing time before we jump on our overnight ferry that departs at 2:20 AM (ouch!). Tomorrow we arrive in Kusadasi, Turkey after switching to another ferry on the island of Samos. It’s going to be a looonnnnng night. […]


Visiting Naxos

by Allie on July 8, 2010

Time to get out of Athens and head for an island! Ferry is the way most people get to the Greek islands. Ticket prices are fixed by the government, and the ticket agent makes a very small commission on the sale. There are “fast” and “slow” ferries, and tickets are priced accordingly. You pay extra […]


Round Two Begins in Athens

by Allie on June 29, 2010

Yassas! That’s Greek for hello. We arrived in Athens after a 30 hour journey, bleary eyed and punch drunk from lack of sleep. The last leg of our trip (from London to Athens) was on Aegean Airlines, and it was one of our worst flights in recent memory. The pilot decided to keep our plane […]


Summer Plans

by Allie on June 24, 2010

Hi friends! We’ve been slacking a bit on posts, so here’s a short summary of the past month or so: 1. Short visit to the Bay Area. We hoped to come through again, but #3 interfered. 2. Visit to SoCal to visit family. 3. We moved, again. Our lease was up and the owner wanted […]