Enduring the Road, Wind and Grit

by Allie on December 17, 2010

The next three days of walking from Kagbeni to Tatopani prove to be some of the most mentally and emotionally challenging for us, as they involve long stretches of hiking along relatively flat desert roads into 60+ KPH headwinds. As before, we leave the jeep road whenever a reasonable opportunity presents itself, and follow the […]


Off the Beaten Path in Mustang

by Allie on December 1, 2010

The morning after our 3,000’ climb to Throng La and 5,000’ descent to Muktinath, we wake and do a part check. Mark: sore quads, sore right foot (a lingering metatarsal injury). Me: sore quads, stuffy nose, and working left knee.  With a dose of ibuprofen, we both feel better. It’s the first day of the […]


Crossing Thorung La

by Allie on November 16, 2010

  After three nights enjoying relatively posh Manang, we continue our climb toward the pass and head to Yak Kharka (elevation 13,188 feet). “Kharka” means pasture, and true to its name we pass dozens of yaks grazing along the trail. Yaks are big, beautiful animals, and many are adorned with yarn necklaces or earrings. Our suspicion is that […]


Acclimatizing in Manang

by Allie on November 15, 2010

  We are still in Nepal, having finished our trek, relaxed in Pokhara, visited Chitwan National Park, and now we are back in Kathmandu! It will take us a couple posts to catch up, so bear with us tardy writers as we attempt to catch up. Make yourself a cup of tea and settle in… […]


Namaste from Manang! We are nine days into our 28-day trek, and taking a couple acclimatization days in the town of Manang. We were not expecting to have any Internet access for at least another week, but enterprising Nepalese have realized that foreigners will pay to have access at 12,000 feet! So here goes a […]

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A Teahouse Trekking We Will Go…

by Allie on October 8, 2010

We start our trek on the Annapurna Circuit tomorrow! After a bunch of back and forth emails and interviews with three potential trekking companies, we decided to trek with a socially responsible trekking company called Social Tours. They were recommended by Jodi’s friend Brendan (thanks, Jodi!), so we feel pretty good about choosing them. They […]


by Allie on October 7, 2010

  After four restful nights in Bangkok, including a relaxing visit with our friends Daneah and Jeff (who make astoundingly tasty Gin & Tonics and breakfast fritters), we were back at the Bangkok airport. Destination: Kathmandu. Our flight with Thai Airways was uneventful, with two exceptions: 1. We saw Mt. Everest from the plane. It […]


Changes, Packing, Trail Treats

by Allie on September 25, 2010

Notice anything different? (Hint: look up) It’s a new header!!! Ta-Da! A huge Thank You to my friend Jeff Kirk, whose skill and patience transformed our header hopes into reality. Since we launched the blog in January we wanted to give it a more travel/adventure feel. Jeff cheerfully volunteered for the task, and we are […]


The Bucket List

by Allie on September 22, 2010

Real time update today: we leave for Nepal in exactly a week. Next Wednesday! Yep, Round 3 is nigh. We plan to spend roughly two months in Nepal, with short stays in Bangkok bookending our trip. Why Nepal? Six years ago (almost to the week), we came up with our first version of our travel […]

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