by Allie on October 1, 2010

Greetings from Bangkok! We are stopping here for four nights before we reach our final destination of Kathmandu, Nepal. The door is closing on September, and it is both strange and familiar to be in Bangkok again.  The smell of noodle stalls, frying bananas and raw sewage occasionally waft through the air, alternately delighting and repelling the senses. […]


Making Friends on the Road

by Allie on June 3, 2010

Going into this trip we didn’t have any expectations of making new friends. We were constantly on the move, staying a few days (at most!) in any one place. Switching towns every few days is not a conducive way to make lasting friendships. Traveling as a couple has some challenges as well. As a traveling […]


Off to Cambodia

by Allie on February 25, 2010

Sawahdee-ka! We realized we haven’t posted in a week, and wanted to give a quick update: this morning we fly to Siem Reap, Cambodia. Siem Reap is the gateway town to the temples of Angkor Wat. New country, new visa, and new money (Cambodia mostly uses U.S. dollars, and their ATMs will disperse the same). Our […]


Into the Jungle we go…

by Allie on February 19, 2010

We’re back in Khao Lak, after two nights in the nearby Khao Sok National Park. We got slightly conned on our way up there, as we were told in Khao Lak we could take buses to get all the way to the park. Alas, the bus we boarded only went as far as Takapua. The ticket seller (who rides with the bus) […]

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For the past two weeks we have traveled along Thailand’s Andaman Sea coastline. Many parts of this area were devastated during the 2004 tsunami, and about 5,000 people in the area died.  Coming here, we wondered if we would see any signs of damage from the disaster. As it turns out, most areas we visited have […]

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Back on the Grid, Back from Ko Kradan

by Allie on February 15, 2010

Offline. Remember the days before computers, Internet, Facebook?  We got a taste of life off the grid when we spent four nights on Ko Kradan at the delightful Paradise Lost Resort. Ko Kradan is a small island in the southern Andaman Sea. Kradan means “plank”, and true to name the island is roughly shaped like […]


Ko Phi Phi

by Allie on February 8, 2010

Ko Phi Phi (“pee-pee”) Island is beautiful, and it knows it. This formerly sleepy Muslim fishing village now blares music into the wee hours, followed by calls to prayer at dawn. If Ko Phi Phi had a soundtrack, it would a combination of electronica, Jack Johnson, Alicia Keys/Jay-Z, Shakira and traditional Muslim calls to prayer. Ko […]


Relaxing in Railey

by Allie on February 5, 2010

Did we say we were going to Koh Lanta? Reality intervened when we arrived at Krabi airport and realized we had probably missed the last public ferry over to the island. Oh well, change of plans – I’d heard Railey was good (Thanks Jason S.!), so we hopped in a minivan to Ao Nang and […]



by Allie on January 31, 2010

After 28 hours of travel, including a three hour layover in Japan, we arrived in Bangkok. The journey was uneventful, which is exactly how I prefer any plane trip I’m on to be. We managed to keep both our bags under our goal of 30 pounds. Mine came in at 24.8 and Mark’s squeaked in at […]

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