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Home, Snowy Home

by Allie on April 2, 2011

We’re home! We got back to Tahoe yesterday after spending a few nights at my parents’ place. My sister is home for spring break from the U.K., where she is attending vet school. She is studying for her exams, and learning a few things that make me glad I will never be a vet. Like […]


Changes, Packing, Trail Treats

by Allie on September 25, 2010

Notice anything different? (Hint: look up) It’s a new header!!! Ta-Da! A huge Thank You to my friend Jeff Kirk, whose skill and patience transformed our header hopes into reality. Since we launched the blog in January we wanted to give it a more travel/adventure feel. Jeff cheerfully volunteered for the task, and we are […]


The Bucket List

by Allie on September 22, 2010

Real time update today: we leave for Nepal in exactly a week. Next Wednesday! Yep, Round 3 is nigh. We plan to spend roughly two months in Nepal, with short stays in Bangkok bookending our trip. Why Nepal? Six years ago (almost to the week), we came up with our first version of our travel […]

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Making Friends on the Road

by Allie on June 3, 2010

Going into this trip we didn’t have any expectations of making new friends. We were constantly on the move, staying a few days (at most!) in any one place. Switching towns every few days is not a conducive way to make lasting friendships. Traveling as a couple has some challenges as well. As a traveling […]


Coming soon…Allie & Mark’s blog

by Allie on January 14, 2010

Hello friends, family & others we don’t know (yet!) – This is the blog of Allie and Mark, and soon will be updated with a cool header, lots of images and posts about our soon-to-be-happening trips abroad. In the meantime, expect the look and feel of our site to change considerably (daily! hourly!) as we […]