Caveat Emptor

by Allie on September 13, 2010

Our next stop, Cappadocia, requires a 10-hour overnight bus ride. We hop on our Fez Travel bus in Olympos, grateful there are only a few of us. Plenty of room to stretch out and try to get some sleep. We’re a little nervous about one thing: there is only one bus driver as we board […]


Meandering along the Mediterranean

by Allie on August 5, 2010

As former residents of the San Francisco Bay Area, we are accustomed to looking at lots of water. But to actually be able to swim in it? That privilege is reserved for surfers with thick wet suits, the rare 100 degree day, and for Midwestern tourists who have never seen the ocean. But the Mediterranean […]


Only 200 Meters To Go

by Mark on August 2, 2010

Whenever we arrive in a new country, our guard is always up. We encounter a new people with a new language, new rules and laws, and new social customs. We’re never certain whether as foreigners we’ll be welcomed with open arms, seen as walking dollar signs, or rejected as just another Western tourist on vacation. […]


Unwelcome Guests

by Allie on July 27, 2010

All was well when we last posted. We’d had a relaxing couple of days in Fethiye that we spent reading, writing, and taking dips in the pool. Evenings were dedicated to walks along the waterfront to the town center for delicious meals of mezes (Turkish cold and hot appetizers) and freshly caught fish. Our hotel […]


Down Time in Fethiye

by Allie on July 18, 2010

We’ve been in Turkey a week, and are now in the quaint seaside town of Fethiye. It is over 100 degrees; we are sweating buckets; eating lots of watermelon, cucumber, and grilled fish; and life is good. Tomorrow we sail on a gulet for a 3-night/4-day cruise around the Mediterranean coast. We stop at several […]


An Awkward Moment

by Allie on July 17, 2010

Red eye flights. All night bus rides. Overnight ferry trips. Travel long enough (especially on a backpacker budget) and an overnight trip is virtually guaranteed. We try to avoid them because neither of us sleep well and we’re wrecked for a day or two afterward. It’s jet lag all over again. Ugh. The only way […]