Some family history: Mark’s dad, Don, served in the “American” war as a flight surgeon in 1970-71. He was a medical student finishing up at UCSF in the late 60’s and was given a choice: he could enlist and be allowed to finish school then serve in the Air Force as an officer and flight surgeon, or […]


Touring Vietnam, Family-Style

by Allie on April 3, 2010

The last two weeks went by very quickly. We met up with Mark’s parents, Don and Ann, in mid-March, and we started the “official tour” part of our trip, complete with guides, a private van, and bed bug free hotels – and lots of food. And no more Facebook access, as it was blocked everywhere else […]


Welcome to Vietnam. Put on your fleece.

by Allie on March 20, 2010

Arriving in Hanoi is a reminder that everything is relative. The weather was colder and damper, and traffic moved a lot faster than in Cambodia. The temperature was in the 50’s and 60’s, but felt freezing after six weeks of weather that never dropped below 75 degrees. Crossing the streets was a risky venture for the first […]